So because it's february and valentines day is coming up and since I wrote on last blog what you should do is take your crush/girl/boy and that stuff on a date,so how to pick a perfect date?There are many opportunities.It really depends on a what person likes and what person finds attractive and funny.So here I picked a few ideas,examples for a date.Hope you'll enjoy. ♥ 


What's better than a picnic and sunset.Bring a food and enjoy.Just perfect opportunity,you can't go wrong with this.

River or beach

So whoever did this is so creative and this date is absolute hit.
Just amazing date,away from everyone just to spent time with you and your boy/girl doing whatever you want and talk whatever you want.

Bike date

If your girl or boy is very active and like bike ride,why not? 
After riding a bike you can go on beach or in park and eat your food,have fun and laugh together. ♥ 

Movie night

Again if your girl or boy loves to be cozy and loves to be home then throw a movie night for her/him.Bring your favorite chocolate,mugs and snacks and enjoy your movie.


Also very good idea for a date is carousel.There is so many things you can do there.Have funnnn ♥ 

So I hope I helped you just a little bit with this.
Love xx


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