Valentines day

things you SHOULD DO

So we all know valentines day is coming up this month.So if there is anyone you would like to impress just follow this simple steps and girl or boy is yours.
We know it can be hard to make the first move but you can make that "sweet nightmare" just sweet not nightmare,okay that was stupid.
But you know what I mean so here are thing you SHOULD DO on Valentines day.

Take your boy/girl on a sweet date

I know picking a date can be very stressful.But date is opportunity to get to know better your lover one.Pick a date he or she could not resist to come.Make something original and something to remember.I think beach,park,lake,river is a beautiful choice.Like this for example...

 If it's a girl buy her flowers

Every girl likes flowers. Surprise your girl with a beautiful roses.


Song is so perfect for your lover one.But your song not song from the internet.


Do not think to go on a date without chocolate,umm guuurll everyone loves chocolate.

Do not go without teddy or toy

So if you want to impress your crush,gurl,boy,husband,wife just follow this steps and that's it.
I wish you happy valentines day and I wish you make your first move and in future find someone who will love you for you and someone you'll be happy with.


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