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MET GALA 2017 Gala night is great opportunity for stars to show their style,and that's definitely something stars,desingers and fashion lovers enjoy to watch.There was lot stars,different styles but here are some I pick up for you.Hope you will enjoy.♥ 

Ofc,Kylie is always on top.This time she decided to go with Versace dress,created by Donatella Versace-Italian fashion desinger.She was absolutley gorgeous,from head to toe,I kinda like her new hair.Short and blonde.Good job Kylie.  KENDALL JENNER Kendall was so pretty with her provocative dress,red lips and short hair.She was amazing as always...Go,go Kenny.♥  MIRANDA KERR
Australian model Miranda was amazing.She is so pretty.Her dress is everything *-* Keep that pretty smile always Miranda,love you.......♥  HADID SISTERS

What can you say about Gigi?She is beautiful as always,this time she was in unique and interesting dress,with long sleeves more like coat but still so pretty.I like colour so much. But her sis Bella…