Do not judge people

Hello everyone in today's blog I decided to pick a topic that's really something new on this blog and I haven't really talk about this ever on my blog.This is very serious topic and I really want to say what I think about it.
It's 21st century.Social media is everywhere.Instagram,facebook,snapchat,youtube just everything.People have so many ways to say their opinions and to express who they really are.
Even tho social media can be a good thing,it can also be bad thing.A very bad thing!Social media can in one freaking moment change your life to better or worse,you can never know.
Be careful what you say to people,and what kind of comments you're leaving under that person's post,picture and more.You don't know how that person is going to react because we all react different way depends on a person really.One person won't give a fu** about your opinion but others can react different.
Does it really matters if person is muslim,christian,black or white,gay,trans...It really doesn't.Does it matters if person is rich or poor have new adidas,nike,kylie makeup?No it doesn't! 
What matters?If that person is really a person!A real human being.Words cuts really deeper then a knife.Don't get me wrong but every word you say can really change someone's life.You don't know what that person is feeling and what's going on in that person's life.Why do you give a damn about other people.People do what they do,they do their own thing and everyone is special in their own way.Different is beautiful.Stop trying to be same as others.Girl,boy,woman,man,black,white,gay whatever!Be who you want to be,believe in what you want and live your life how you want.Be good example to the people not bad one.Do whatever you want just don't hurt people.Find people who makes your soul happy.Who will be there for you,not the ones who will judge you,and make fun of who you are.Why to give a damn about what other people think.It's about what you think not them okay.So put a smile on your face,do what you need to do and what you think is good for you and what God made you for.
Best of luck.
So guys if you like this kind of blogs I can post them,no problem.Just don't get me wrong with this okay.I'm really trying to make someone feel good.I will post a lot of blog soon so stay tuned.
love ya.


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