Autumn is here *-----------* 
I love autumn,I love colourfully leafs,cozy cholotes. *-* 
The nature is so colorfull and beautiful...
You have all for autumn in my 2nd post,so go there and read that. :D 
-I just wanna tell you... 
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Also I want tell you that I will make another blogg,and that will be about fashion 

I start this blogg,just for fun but now I take that seriously and I wanna be famous professional blogger,youtuber and more. 
Also one thing.
When Octomber starts,Im gonna be post every day something for halloween with hastag #30daysuntilhalloween or #15daysuntilhalloween and also Im gonna be posting pictures of coustimes,decorations,makeup...Little bit for every day.That is gonna be something like calender,like we have christmast calender and every day you get something,this is gonna be something like that :D 
Baby pumpkin,so cute *-* 

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