Here Im again :D 
-Yesterday was so interesting and weird day. I was chilling and waching TV when I got message from my friend.She was upset.One guy ask her on date and she obviously doesnt know what to say.She start crying ...One friend told her that he is not great ,that he is problematic...She love him,but he have shortcomings.On the end she said yes.We girls are complicaded.After all that drama,another drama came...Yas! We lost her little brother.We looked everywhere.We were yelling his name,and than we realised...he is at neighbours house.We returned him house and my friend made us lunch hahahah. :D 
Luch timeeeeeee..... :D 
After that I returned home and I was watching videos. 
Oli White and Joe Sugg post new video,yaay... 
 And I also wach video of Oli named Cake Challenge 
I was crying hahahahah.That was so funny. 
Who is your favourite youtuber? 



My youtuber number one,and first youtuber I ever wached was Bethany Mota. ♥ 
I discover her 2 years ago,and first video I wached was BACK TO SCHOOL:DIY organization!School Supplies and Room decor ! That video is everything for me.
My little Beth unicorn.She is my idol,I love her so much. ♥ ♥ 
Here are some facts about Bethany. 
  1. Here middle name is Noel. 
  2. She is born on November 7, 1995
  3. She started her youtube channel with name MacBarbie 07 [2009] 
  4. She is born in California 
  5. She have one sister
  6.  Her channel have 10 milion subs. :D *-* 
  7. She worked for Aeropostale 
  8. She write on song,and she also have one song with Mike Tompkins called Need you right now 
  9. She has also been on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars.
  10. Here fans are Motavators or Motafams


Zoe is the cutes girl ever...She has youtube channel called Zoella.She is brithish youtuber and blogger.
She have her own line of beauty produtcs.Her brother is Joe Sugg who have also youtube channel.
She played in Harry Potter,when she was little :D 


Rachel Levin is american youtuber.Her channels name is RCLBEAUTY101.She is so cute and pretty.
On one video she got 92 million views .That video is Disney Princess Pool Party. 


She is also american youtuber. 


American youtuber.Her channel is Mylifeaseva. ♥ 


Amerian youtuber.Channel name:GlitterForever17.She made very interesting and different videos. 


Zoellas brother.Brithish youtuber,blogger and gamer.His channels are: ThatcherJoe,ThatcherJoeVlogs,ThatcherJoeGames . ♥ 


Brithish youtuber.21 years old.They call him Cactus boy xD  because in one video Joe make him eat Cactus. 

So that was mine favourite youtubers.Which one are yours? 


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