-Hello ...... 
Today I was on playground with school.That is not the usual playground ,its like the stadium....we were playing on grass....However we were having so much fun *--* 
We girls ...were playing footbal xd......I was the goalkeeper haha :D 
Than after that my and my class we were sitting and eating and my two friends start fighting...And than my friend took the jucie and she spilled him...He get mad and he spilled her....Than everyone start spilling water around...My friend spilled me and I was all wet.I got home and I take bath and sit on computer to write this blogg.
 This is picture of my 2 bffs.....well half of my 2 besties... hahaha 

Today Im gonna be talking about the games I loved play when I was junger ...
My fav games was the super mario... *-* 
That game was litteraly my life 
I love you Mario,you should know that xD

Second game that I absolutley loved when I was little is Zumas Revinge.. 
Love it,love it,love it... ♥ 
Antother game who is so simular to Zuma is Luxor...I loved to play that game 

Dinner,dinner,dinner.......Reminds me on Dinner Dash...That game was everything for me *-* But Im still stuck on 20 level -,- I will never pass it...Its soo harddd! 

 I just found out that we have Dinner Dash 2...Yaaay! 

Im a girl,and I allways love to play dressing up,and games like that but when I was little I loved to play My Room 1,2,3 and Im thing Im gonna play it again today.Hahhaha
So that were mine fav games that I play when I was junger...Which games you loved to play and which one you love to play now. 
I love to play Agar.io xD
If you wanna found out something for autumn check out post before that....♥ 
Love you! 


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