So,it's fall. Finally,after long summer,fall is here.Fall is so beautiful,colorful,amazing,cute ☺You just need hot coffee or tea and blanket get cozy and enjoy fall.I decided this year I'm gonna write a lot new fall blogs and my blog will be "in fall spirit" lol. For today's blog I'm telling you things I like about fall.Also I illustrations  down below are from artist Yaoyao,one amazing artist you should check his or her,I don't know lol,instagram it's:yaoyaomva *-* 
Let's goooooo............


  Definitely best thing in fall is halloween.I love everything about halloween.Soon I'm posting blog about halloween,make up,movies,costumes and diy.Halloween is great,you go trick or treating,you watch horror movies and lot more.

Long morning walks 

What's better than long walk in fall morning.Fresh air,orange and yellow leaves,timid but still beautiful weather.

Jumping in leaves

Oh my God,even tho I'm teenager I still like to jump in leafs.

 Pumpkin spice food

Pumpkin pie,cookies,pumpkin latte.Not just you're gonna eat amazing food your whole house will smell on pumpkin,and cinnamon.

Summer is over and you can eat whatever you want

Turn on your TV,find new season of American horror story and eat,eat and just eat.It's fall not summer girl! 

You can get cozy and enjoy fall

As I said,hot coffee,blanket or even a long bath.Light the candle,read book and enjoy little things.


I don't know if you like rain,but rain can be really beautiful.All romantic moments happen on rain.Running on rain without umbrella,getting all wet kissing on rain...Also rain makes you feel beautiful and loved ♥ 

You don't have to shave

Yes and yes!You don't have to shave your legs anymore,it's not summer.

Fall clothes 

Cute fall outfits,colors,boots and cozy jackets. ♥ 

Listening music and painting

So these are things I love about fall,what you love about fall?XOXO.♥ 
Also listen to music,here is song,that's my favorite at the moment: 


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