Hi there,so I didn't wrote a blog for so long,and I know I'm sorry.But I'm going to high school now and there is lot pressure,homework,new everything and I'm just trying to fit in. :)
So,summer here is over and autumn is just getting started I though it will be nice to share my memories and my summer with you.So this is my summer 2017 hope you will enjoy... 

SUMMER 2017 

First photo is me with my little cousin playing in my granny's garden.This photo is taken on beginning of the summer. :) 

On summer,me and my friends visited Olovo,city in Bosnia and we had so much fun.Me and my friend as you can see in pic,were playing table football,she is left one LOL.That was so beautiful day *-* 

So a little bit later,I was at my cousin and we decided to go to the lake and we bring balloons with us and took awesome pics... 


This pic is taken in Jablanica,when we were on the road to Neum.It was like 4 in the morning,It was very cold but awesome.

Then when we finally came in Neum,we went to the beach first and later me,my lil cousin and brother ate pizza.It was so yummy.On pic:mine and cousins fingers lol. 

This is view.*-*Just look at that. 

These are pics from the beach,we had amazing time everyday on the beach.

 Sky *-* Me and my bro and parents were walking and I took pics of a sky,sky looked so beautiful...♥

Pizza again.

This pic I took when we were on road back home,in Mostar. ♥ 

Just look at these mountains they are so beautiful and breathtaking.Pic taken: Jablanica 2017
So that was my summer,of course they are lot more pics like 500 more but these are pic I love,I had great time this summer,a lot of great,funny and beautiful stuff happen and I want my next summer to be just like this.  


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