Hi guys,so Its december and Im so excited about that,cause its time of year when you can relax,watch snow falling,watch movies,bake cookies,and more.....
I love it so much.Its like the best time of the year.
Christmas is getting closer,and we all have troubles with what to gift your friedns and family....
I have a lot of ideas that will help you :D 


If you dont know what to gift to your friend and you dont wanna be boring with gifts from target.Than make your friend something special,Im sure that will be more interesant than gift from target. :D 
Here are some ideas.You can make something with christmas or New Y. ornament,like penguins,santa,...
Decoration for christmas tree are allways good.Every time when your bff see that decoration she will remember you! ♥ 
Another idea more look like a home decor,you can make something for you and smth to your best friend,cause all this ideas are great and so chrismassy... :D 
Here is how to make ribbon,so if you dont have ribbon ,you can make one :D Its so cute...
This idea is everything,Its so beautiful,and Im gonna make this,for me and my bff. ♥ Rudolf rules!!! 


I really love decoring my room,if you celebrate christmas that will be even funnier and prettier decoring your room with lights,candles,christmast trees,and more. ♥♥ 

Here are ideas for you,I hope you like them.All this you can find on pinterest ♥ 


On holidays we allways try to spend every second with ur family,sometimes that can be funny,lovely...To make that even better take look at this pics. ♥ 
This idea blow my mind like omg.You can play christmas bingo with you family and one who win can for example eat your cookies,candys... :D So cool *-* 
Watch chrismast movies ,or read x-mas books with your fam,I recommended movies like Home alone,Elf,How the Grinch stole Christmas,and more... ♥ Pop your popcorns and prepare to have night you will allways remember... 
Make activity list,and you and your bro,sister,cousin can do this together ♥ 
Print or make this Santa letter for little kid,and than tell them that you send this to Santa,read what he wrote and buy him a gift that he want.Im sure that will be something he never forget  ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Draw with your family,listen good music,and have fun ♥ 
See you in next blog when Im gonna be writing about x-mas pranks,and how to look great on partys.. ♥ 
Bye I love you! ! ! 


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