-Hi guys,I didnt write blog for a long time but Im here :D
Me and my family were in Zoo yesterday and it was so good *-* 
We had a great time...
We saw a lot animals ,like tigers,bear,wolfs,foxs,snakes and lot more.
First animals we saw were goats hahah,they are so funny...Acros goats were ponies and donkeys hahah,like one in Shrek...Donkey ihuu! 
 Here is the pic of donkeys...They are so cuteee... *-*
After donkeys there comes ostrichs,that birds are so cool that you dont even knowww! 
They are so big and her heads are so weird,one even try to bit me with his big beak...wow what I ever done to you hahhaha? 

After them we saw a deer and roe deer but they are so scared...poor animals :/ 
In zoo were a lot of birds,I saw pigeons,parrots,pheasant,and one extremely handsome chiken hahahah...
Parrots are so beautiful,they kiss each other and one little girl start laughing...
We also saw bear,he was so big and he just walking in circle...its not interesant bear... -,- 
Kidding,anyway he is so cute. *----------* 

After bear,we saw tiger ...and guess he was slepping ,my bro start yelling at him to wake up,but he doesnt want.... :/ He is so beautiful... :D 
I saw wolf,and foxs...Wolfs are so cute...

In little house,idk how they call that xD...was snakes and ...oh what, glitter fishs *------*I was like....no! This is not real...I want one *---------* 
 I also saw a one cute parrot like one from Rio...the cartoon...you know what I trying to say xD
And he was repeating my words he was so cute OMG!
I cuddle him... *-* 
Here are pics of other animals :D 
They are a lot of them but I cant upload it now...like pics of sharks,other snakes,fishs.... 
After that we eat in restoraunt and go shopping.It was truly great day,and I cant wait to repeat that. ♥ 
Love you all ♥ 


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