2017 VS 2018

Met gala was three days ago I believe.Since I wrote blog about Met gala 2017,I decided to write blog about met gala 2018.But in this blog I will be comparing what stars wore on met gala 2017 and met gala 2018.Enjoy. ♥ 

Ariana Grande

She was wearing Vera Wang.She said that is The Sistine Chapel back wall by Michelangelo.Yes Ariana basically wore a painting.
Since theme was Heavenly bodies,Ariana did pretty good job.
With her adorable adorable dress she had bow on her head too,looking cute as always.
Ariana said this was her first met,guurl you nailed it.

Lana Del Rey

My second favorite person from met gala was Lana Del Rey.Lana was wearing Gucci by italian designer who is a very devout catholic.
Lana for sure hit the theme and she was glowiing.Designer said that theme mean a lot to him,and I think he did a great job.What do you think? 


Riri just know how do do the fu**ing job people.She was amazing in her dress.Her dress was designed by John Galliano.
She just blessed the whole met gala.
Last time she wore her red dress.
What do you think 2017 or 2018.Im more for 2018. 

Gigi Hadid

My favorite person of all time.Gigii.Gigi wore Versace inspired by the stained glass windows.Gigi was so pretty and I love her so so much.
Last time if you remember,she wore her unique dress,take a look.
I like more 2018 Gigi.But 2017 is very good too.

Bella Hadid

Gigis sister Bells wore dress made by Gareth Chrome hearts,i believe.Bella wanted to wear one of their dresses so she asked owner to wear one.I think she was so pretty.
Last time she wore this...
2018 Bella for sure.

Katy Perry

Katy was angel,literally...
Just take a look on what she was wearing.
Katy again did different but amazing job with her look.Go go Katy.
Last time she wore her red dress.
Always pretty always on top.

Nicki Minaj 

Nicki dressed as Devil.Of course Nicki must to be different.While everyone was angel,and angelic she dresses as the devil.Amazing.
We all need one bad guy,and that was Nicki.
Last time she wore this.
Similar I would say to last time.Red and black 2017 than red 2018.

Selena Gomez and Zendaya

Selena went with pretty simple white dress,but Zey really surprised me.I like her look a lot,really.
I think Selenas look was pretty similar to 2017 look.What do you think?
I like 2017 Selena more.But Zey was on top in 2017 and in 2018.
I like 2017 look by Zendaya more.
She was one of my favorites last year.

Kardashian/Jenner sisters

Parents night out.This year Kylie went with simple look,but I liked more look from met gala 2017.
 She was more *---* that year.Same opinion I have for Kenny,even tho she is my favorite sister.Kenny also went with simple look.She hit theme more than Kylie.
Kenny was all angelic and white,and I liked it.
I like more her 2017 look.
And last one for today is Kim.
I liked her look.
So that is all I have for you today.I hope you like it and see you soon. ♥ 


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