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As much as we hate to say,It's back to school.Maybe someone is in school already,mabye someone will rerurn to school in couple days...
Today Im writing you about high school,responsibilities,society,studying and more...
Maybe you're in Middle school or high school already,whatever...Read this blog,maybe it will help you,who knows.


There is lot more responsibilities in high school than middle school or primary school...On the beginning,yeah beginning start hard.Try your best.Get good grades on beginning,trust me it will help you a lot!It will be easier for you and your teacher will notice that you're trying and you will become teachers favorite,that comes in handy.Maybe when you,idk fall on test maybe teacher will give you better mark,even tho you maybe didn't deserve it because you fail on test.
I know,I know.Homework is boring but!It can help you,trust me.You will learn your lesson better and teacher will give you extra credit.
If you have extra time,go on internet and search fun or interesting fact about for example about history,biology...Internet is full of great and instructive things. ♥ 
Study on time,never,never left your things on last day,or because you never know when your teacher is going to give you test. 


New people!How to fit in?Will they like me?My best friend is in different school,Im here.How Im going to survive this school?
First thing first:BE YOURSELF! OK?
Don't be scared of new people,school...Everyone is scared on beginning.
Have your style,be different,don't be like them cause same is average!Different is beautiful!
You are you,you don't have to change because of them!
If they don't like you,that's their lost.
Please don't ruin your grades because you hang out a lot and you have not time for school.
Find time for school and friends.But remember,school is more important!
I know I sound like mom or dad...but it's true.Half of your friends from middle school wouldn't even look at you on street.You will not be in contact with them trust me!You think that friendships will last forever but no.It's simply like that.Maybe you will keep your one or two friends from middle school.
Don't let society affect on you,studying.They will tell you,you studying to hard or you should relax but that's their opinion,and it's simply not important.
Be nice,kind,gentle.Everyone will notice that,and everyone wants to hang out with someone who is nice,not mean.Maybe on beginning it will be hard,if no one wants to be your friend but they will be back trust me!Be solo,be unique,be you!You is enough!Find your style like I said.
Be grunge,tumblr...Love rock music,be crazy,be funny enjoy your life.Haters hate you,you know why?Because they can't be you!Boys like crazy girls,they like girls who are loud,funny,crazy...


Like I said study on time! 
Take notes on class!
Listen to teacher!
Find interesting thing on internet!
Try your best!
Get good grades on beginning! 
Do your homework!
Ask for help! Yes,ask teacher or your friend to help you with something you have struggles and you can also help your friends with their struggles... :) 

Have fun in school!

Last thing.Have fun!Be positive!Keep your smile and rock! 

 Hope this blog help you!Love yaa! 



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