hello everyone.So i was sitting in my room yesterday thinking about what should i write and i got an idea.summer is here so why not to write about things i like to use when its summer.Also big news i decided to be really active over the summer bcs i have so much free time and for my next blogs ima gonna be putting only my pics and i also have instagram you should follow me if you want its lifeoflallie,i think its so much better if i use my pics idk its more professional.
Also im gonna be writing about my life,soon im going on a trip so stay tuned.
Lets goooooooooooooo....

Body spray/Deodorant 

I got these really amazing deodorants.they smell so amazing and they really remind me on smells like mango and other one like pineapple,they are perfect for summer.really fresh and just take a moment and look at the packaging just so pretty.also i like this one too,its called ocean girl.
its so cute and pretty.

Bath products 

of course you are going to bath/shower a lot in summer,all day all night,so make sure you smell good.i like products that smell fresh and nice,i sure dont want to smell like sweat.
Right product is shower gel and it smell so amazing,products names are on german,no im not german,because the store is how can i say it,everything is on german language even tho store is in bosnia,yeah.left one is really cool its foam,let me show you how it looks like.

its so cute to play with in bath.and it smells like vanilla cookie.

Skin protection

for skin protection i use this things,of course i use sun cream also but i forget to take pic of that.nivea deodorant is very good for you to not smell bad.
also for my lips i like to use chapsticks 
first one is nivea amd its super cute and second one is balea crazy coco,because i like coconut so much.


oh sunnies what would we do without them.i got my sunglasses in new yorker and they are so amazing.


i like to read,a lot,a looot so i need to have book with me.i will have so much free time on summer so i can read a lot of books.yeeey.
and of course i need to have my planner or bullet journal with me,i recently started drawing in my bullet journal and here is how it looks like.
i know its not that good but i like it,here is the front page.

i looooove it so much.

Light shadow palette 

i dont wear makeup over the summer,but i like this nude palette.i think its perfect for summer.
here are the colors.
and for my nails i like to use one color,like just blue or yellow but i love this nail polish,its so cute and its mermaid if you know what i mean.

Hand cream

for my hands i use this hand cream,it smells like grapefruit and packaging is so cute.


and last thing on my list are candles,i love candles so much and i use them all the time,for summer i picked out these candles,they are super cute and they smell like pink lemonade as you can see on picture.

so thats all i have for you guys today,it will be lot new blogs soon so...
i love you ♥ 


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